Why measure customer satisfaction?

Measuring customer satisfaction is a crucial factor in promoting customer loyalty, which in turn has significant impact on an organisation's financial performance. Ensuring satisfied customers is the optimal strategy for retaining existing customers and strengthening their loyalty to your organisation. Customer satisfaction is one of the many Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that both for-profit and non-profit organisations use as measurement tools. Discover effective methods to measure customer satisfaction to optimise your company's performance.

How can you measure customer satisfaction?
How do you measure customer satisfaction?

How do you measure customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction can be measured in various ways. Both online and offline or a combination of these. Think about giving real-time feedback in a physical shop or assessing an organisation via an application. At HS Brands, we offer different types of research to measure customer satisfaction. One of our most common research methods is mystery guest research. Another important topic of customer satisfaction research is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This measures the extent to which customers would recommend your company.

How a customer satisfaction survey is conducted depends on the specific purpose of the survey, the time and resources available, the number and type of customers, and other relevant factors. Check out our range of various methods for measuring customer satisfaction.

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Measuring customer satisfaction with the review monitor.

One way to measure customer satisfaction is the review monitor. It clearly displays all your online reviews in one online dashboard. Your brand's image can be significantly influenced by online reviews, but keeping track of them on different platforms can be a challenge.

Our social media monitor simplifies this process. Every day, we collect all reviews about your company (by location) from various platforms in a clear dashboard. Here you not only see all the reviews, but you also have direct access to a link to respond to each review. Improve your online reputation with our advanced review monitor.

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Measuring customer satisfaction with HS Brands
Measuring customer satisfaction with mystery guests.

Measuring customer satisfaction with mystery guests.

For the most in-depth customer satisfaction measurement, we recommend a mystery guest survey. With mystery guest research, also known as mystery shopping research, we find out the underlying customer intentions and customer feelings.

Since many customers only give an (online) review when an experience was extremely good or bad, it is valuable to be able to measure actual customer satisfaction by means of independent mystery shoppers. There are many possibilities in this, such as mystery visits, mystery calls and mystery e-mails. But also webshop reviews or a hygiene audit. Take a look at our offer.

Mystery guest study

Measuring customer satisfaction with the Feedbox.

Want to optimise the customer experience but don't know where to start? The Feedbox provides instant insight into the entire customer journey, from appreciation to visitor behaviour. This results in satisfied customers, repeat visits and increased turnover. The Feedbox, an unmanned on-site survey column, continuously collects honest and sincere feedback from your customers, all year round.

Not an annual snapshot, but continuous feedback with quick adjustments and fine-tuning. With clear questions, room for your own input and in-depth options, you gain insight into almost everything about your customers. Let every customer look back on their last visit with a positive feeling, supported by the expertise of our research experts.

Measuring customer satisfaction through analysis of online reviews.
Personalised customer satisfaction measurement

Personalised customer satisfaction measurement.

For a successful approach to customer satisfaction measurement, it is crucial to carefully consider specific elements and adapt them to the unique context of your organisation. At HS Brands, we are happy to help you effectively measure customer satisfaction and optimise the overall customer experience. Our customised surveys are tailored to your needs, resulting in targeted and clear insights that are truly valuable. Upon completion of the survey, HS Brands provides practical and concrete feedback, which you can use to actually improve customer satisfaction and guest experience.

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Measuring customer satisfaction

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