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The HS Brands team consists of professionals who together have over 100 years knowledge and experience in various industries and sectors. This makes HS Brands not only unique, but also widely deployable. All over the world.

The process starts by looking at all possible aspects of your request. We dive with you into your vision, mission and core values in order to arrive at the right advice. This first step in the process is crucial, as this is where our team agrees with you on your objectives and how you will go about implementing the results of the study.

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From there, our team builds the research design that is essential for obtaining the right information. This includes the creation of a unique questionnaire and the selection of our mystery guest to best fit your target group. All research results come together in the online dashboard set up for you in our unique software: Sassie. This gives you easy access to the results, trends and points for improvement, and the information directly leads to action.

Our broad portfolio of services, including mystery shopping, customer satisfaction research, real-time feedback, social media monitoring and fraud prevention, allows us to meet a multitude of research needs across numerous industries.

HS Brands Europe
HS Brands Europe

For more than 20 years HS Brands has had the experience to provide context to your data to help you make better and more informed decisions for your brand. With 12 offices around the world and more than 1 million shoppers in over 140 countries, we can give you quick insight into your brand experience.

Our invention of SASSIE over 20 years ago is now the industry standard for data collection and reporting in the mystery shopping industry. Thanks to this experience, our team knows better than anyone what impact insight into your real customer experience has on strategic decisions.

Operating worldwide

Our European offices:

  • HS Brands United Kingdom (UK)
  • HS Brands Europe (Netherlands)
  • HS Brands Italy
  • HS Brands Switzerland
  • HS Brands Poland



Since 2011, we have been working with great enthusiasm with HS Brands to gain insight into the customer focus of our employee in the stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. For us, the reports are not only a mirror that we are presented with, but are also a training tool for our employees.

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In order to remain the best security partner at Schiphol, we attach great importance to quality. In addition to training and workshops, we have set up a program with HS Brands, in which our security filters at Schiphol are periodically visited by Mystery Passengers.

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Our processes must be optimally arranged and employees must be professional and customer-friendly. Various measurements are carried out, including a mystery guest visit by HS Brands. All these results are processed in an application and transparent to our branches via a real-time dashboard.

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