How do you become a mystery shopper?

How nice that you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper with us. As good mystery guests are essential for the quality we want to deliver to our clients, we would like to know who you are and apply a thorough selection process. We see your first visit as a test visit. You will read the instructions carefully, carry out a visit and report your findings in our online system within 8 hours. During the quality check we look especially at consistency, language and your ability to put your experience into words. If you pass, you can stay registered as a mystery shopper and will have the opportunity to participate in numerous enjoyable visits!

Mystery Shopper Job description

If you are registered with us, you can log into the online system yourself and see if there are any assignments in your region. You can also see the date for which the assignment must be carried out and the fee you will receive for it. If you are interested, just let us know. The relevant project manager then assigns the jobs to you. You will receive a message from us if you are the one who has been chosen to carry out the assignment.

What does mystery shopping involve?

HS Brands provides qualitative research for over 80 clients through the use of mystery shoppers. Our trademark is to work with our clients to achieve maximum growth in the desired customer experience and then to secure this.

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Mystery shopper assignments

Where are you going to shop?

We work for: HMS Host, Coolblue, ISS, Staatsbosbeheer, NEMO Science Museum and Schiphol Airport. An enthusiastic team at the office accompanies the more than 1,500 mystery guests throughout the country. We also take care of international projects together with partner organisations.

What do you earn as a mystery shopper?

As a mystery guest, you earn between £10.00 and £50.00 per assignment and you decide which investigations you want to conduct.

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Become a mystery shopper

Want to become a mystery shopper?

Are you at least 18 years old, do you write and speak English well and are you curious to find out whether you can work for us and make a contribution to optimising the customer experience? Are you interested and do you want to register? Click on the button below, choose the option 'new shopper signup' and complete your profile.

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