Satisfied employees make for satisfied customers

With a customised Employee Satisfaction Survey, you gain direct insight into the satisfaction of your employees, what makes them happy and what, in their eyes, could be improved.

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More and more organisations are losing faith in the old-fashioned employee satisfaction. Organisations are looking for ways to create a continuous flow of (feedback) communication with employees instead of once or twice a year. Continuous happiness measurements aim to constantly gauge the level of happiness of your employees, so that you know what is going on.

With the frequency you want, you can send a link to your employees, in which they can share their level of happiness (anonymously) with you. Because employees can also provide an explanation of their answers, you will gain a real insight into the degree of happiness of your employees.

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With our online dashboard a unique steering tool

If you combine employee satisfaction research with mystery guest research, you have come full circle. In our online dashboard we can present the results of both surveys next to each other and you will have a unique steering tool.

Employee satisfaction

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