Know where you stand with your service

The Service Concept is a jointly drawn up 'handbook' that lays down what your guests, customers or patients can expect during interaction moments with your organisation. The Service Concept is also very useful for organisations that do not yet know where they stand with regard to service provision.

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The desired attitude and behaviour of your employees are described in concrete terms. It is therefore also a good guideline for setting up new departments or introducing new employees. The Service Concept reinforces the joint view of service provision and strengthens the foundation for performance and assessment interviews.

During the kick-off with the team, we lay the foundation for the steps we are going to take. The starting points are the vision and mission of your organisation. In the workshop that follows, a start is made with your own Service Concept. A broad delegation from the organisation is involved in this and thus supports the support base.

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Strengthen all interaction moments together!

The Service Concept is further developed in terms of content with a few people involved from all disciplines. The Service Concept is presented in an inspiring way, possibly enhanced by training. The Service Concept is assessed annually and fine-tuned where necessary.

Service Concept

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