Research the guest experience of your organisation

At HS Brands we are able to find out the level of guest experience through the use of mystery guest research.

In other words: how does the guest experience a visit to your company? And more importantly: what can be improved to bring the guest experience to a higher level?

Would you like to know what the guest experience is like in your organisation? Then you have come to the right place!

measure guest experience with mystery shopper research
measure guest experience
Measuring the guest experience

Measuring the guest experience with mystery guests

Before our mystery guest or mystery shoppers visit your organisation, we draw up a so-called service concept together with you.

This service concept is a 'handbook' of what your guests can expect during interaction moments with your organisation. This handbook is used as a basis for the checklist of our mystery guests. This way, the aspects that are important to you are really looked at.

After our mystery guests have visited your organisation, they write down their findings and the results are analysed and subsequently summarised in an extensive advice report.


Our mystery guests are trained to observe sharply and objectively. Guests are often only willing to give feedback if the experience is clearly good or bad. Our mystery guests always give independent and useful feedback. This is very effective in raising the awareness of, for instance, employees and their crucial role in the guest experience.

Measuring guest experience with real-time customer feedback

A mystery guest survey is not the only way to find out what can be improved in terms of guest experience. We research the guest experience by actually using the guests. For example by using our so-called Liveshopper and Feedbox.

Research, measure and improve the guest experience at HS Brands
measure the guest experience with liveshopper at HS Brands


Via our liveshopper application the client assesses his or her guest experience after the visit by means of a few short questions. Photos of situations, products or marketing expressions can also be used.

The liveshopper app gives you real-time insight into the guest experience. Based on these insights, you can act to improve aspects.

measure guest experience with our liveshopper app


By means of a touchscreen PC in a column and a wifi connection, it is possible to obtain continuous real-time information. Answering questions by means of smileys ensures a low threshold and a high response rate.

The consumer answers a number of questions by choosing emoticons that vary from a happy to an angry smiley and in this way the perception of the guests can be ascertained. It is also possible to ask a number of multiple choice and open questions.

measure guest experience with our feedbox
Measuring the guest experience

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