Consumers assess what you want assessed

For example, do you want to ask your customers for their opinion, check whether the product ordered has actually been delivered or check the marketing statements? It is all possible! Consumers assess what you would like assessed by answering a few short questions or by taking a picture of a situation, product or marketing item.

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What can you do with it?

The results of the research offer insight into the perception or opinion of your target group. You can immediately anticipate this by making adjustments, training teams, or improving the product or service. The tool can be used all year round and is easy to use, low-threshold and increases user loyalty.

How does it work?

The research can be carried out in two ways, namely via the app that our Mystery Guests use, or via their own company app. The app sends users a push notification when they arrive at the relevant location, with an invitation to participate in a short survey. The user answers the questions or, if desired, takes a photo of a product or situation. This only takes a few minutes. The user is thanked with a discount, or something extra you offer, on their next purchase from your company.

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For example: someone who has the app of a fast-food chain on his phone receives a push notification when he approaches an establishment, and by answering a few questions about promotions, he immediately receives a discount code for free fries with a (ham)burger. Or when checking a number of hygiene measures at a perfumery, he immediately receives a 10% discount on his next purchase.

The frequency and quantity of questions is variable and easy to adjust. The results are displayed in an online dashboard, which also contains the results of the mystery visits or calls. Together or separately, these results form a well-organised and representative survey. LiveShopper is suitable for online shops, entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, the retail sector, supermarkets and the healthcare sector.

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