Feedbox is the solution!

By means of a touchscreen PC in a well-placed podium and a wifi connection, it is possible to obtain continuous real-time information. Answering the questions by means of smileys ensures a huge appeal and a high response rate.

HS Brands Europe

In addition to the smileys, it is also possible to set rating questions, multiple choice questions or open questions. This not only shows whether something is experienced as good or bad, but also the 'why'. You determine the location of the pedestal and for whom the questionnaire is intended. In the online system, you can easily adapt the questionnaire to your wishes. A new questionnaire is automatically loaded into your pedestal(s) at the push of a button.

With the built-in 'alert' function, it is also possible that a notification is sent if a certain question has been answered negatively x times in a row. In this way, immediate action can be taken on the subject in question.

HS Brands Europe

Optimising your services

On the convenient online dashboard, results are available 24/7 on any device. You can share visibility rights with your colleagues or have the system periodically send pdf reports by e-mail. With the Feedbox, there is a way to optimise your service and your visitors are guaranteed to feel the difference.


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