We link customer experience to your vision

By using Mystery Reviews®, carefully selected 'mystery guests' we ensure an accurate customer experience from the first to the last contact moment.

Together with you we will develop a unique survey in which we link customer experience to your vision. HS Brands uses their knowledge, expertise and over fifteen years of experience to ensure that the research is in line with the goals your organisation has set.

HS Brands Europe

Our mystery guests are trained to observe sharply and objectively. They also pay attention to less obvious, but nevertheless important, details which influence the customer experience. Both positive experiences and points for improvement become clearly visible during a Mystery Review®.

Clients are generally only prepared to give feedback in the event of remarkably good or bad experiences. Our mystery guests will always provide stimulating feedback: on the spot, if desired. This contributes very effectively to the awareness of your employees and their important part in the customer experience.

HS Brands Europe
HS Brands Europe

By not only focusing on the 'what', but also on the 'why', our Mystery Reviews® are an ideal instrument to motivate and develop teams. Through periodic application you can also benchmark results and identify trends.

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