Being Patient-centred in healthcare

Our qualitative care research with real patients is an inspiring research method for the care industry, in which cooperation with you and your employees is essential. As experienced experts, we enthuse your employees and make them aware of their own attitude and behaviour in an inspiring way.

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In order to provide insight into the real patient experience, in line with your desired service, we only work with real patients during the departmental care survey. This makes our service unique and the only form that can provide in-depth feedback. When it comes to researching public areas, we work with our own mystery guests.

If you are looking for an accessible research method with real-time results, then our Feedbox is the ideal solution. These insights create support among your employees and ensure that they are proud of their work and enjoy what they do. Securing this transparent method ensures that a patient-oriented attitude becomes part of the DNA of your employees.

HS Brands Europe
HS Brands Europe

The results of each survey are reported to you within 3 days in a digital dashboard and are available 24/7. This gives you at-a-glance insight into the opportunities, good and less good elements in the care process.

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